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Rental Rate for Studio and Equipments

Hourly: 500 baht/ Hour

Half Day: 2,000 baht ( 4 Hours )

All Day: 3,000 baht ( 8 Hours )

Overtime 500 baht/ Hour

Reservation Transfer 1,000 baht deposit before the shooting day to office Account

Name: Atisanun Uengwiriyasakun

SCB 1352068807, saving account

Kbank 0792013963, saving account


Lighting Details

1. 2 Studio Flashlight GODOX GS 200 W with Tripod

2. Studio Flashlight GODOX QS 600 W

3. Wireless Flash Trigger

4. 4 Continuous Light bulb, 65 Watt each 

5. Reflector, 1 silver 1 gold

6. Green/Gray/White backdrop (changing backdrop = 200 baht each )

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